Embracing AI: The Future is Here

In this edition, I’m thrilled to share the latest advancements in AI that are shaping our world: OpenAI’s Custom GPT: A milestone for AI enthusiasts! OpenAI’s custom GPTs are nearly fully accessible to Plus and Enterprise customers. Now, you have the power to create your own AI models. Check out OpenAI’s site for more. Amazon’s […]

5 ways AI can help with these five profit-acceleration KPIs

1. Smarter Marketing and Customer Insights : Example Tools: HubSpot’s Marketing Hub, Adobe Sensei, Salesforce Einstein, KeapCRM How it Works: These tools use AI to sift through vast amounts of customer data, identifying patterns and behaviors. Think of it as having a super-smart detective that can quickly find clues about what your customers want. Benefits: Craft targeted marketing campaigns […]